Laptops vs. Cellphones


Pro’s of a Laptop

There are a lot of good things about having laptops. One being they let you better accesses the internet. It simple to Type in what you want to research on a laptop rather than a tablet or such. Another thing is there very portable and compact. You can also use them almost anywhere. You also don’t really have to worry about severely damaging them as easily as you would a phone. The main advantage of a laptop is mobility.

Pro’s of Cell Phone

Cell phones can give people access to the internet in situations that they might not be possible to reach it. They also have saved many lives because some have tracking devices. They are learning tools for children and can be good as long as you limit the use of them. They also allow parents to keep in touch with children.

Con’s of Laptop

As good as laptops are there are a plethora of disadvantages, but their biggest disadvantage would be the fact that they are breakable and very easy to damage. They can be dropped, sat on, stepped on, etc. Another thing is upgrading a laptop is not an easy task. They are also tiring to carry around.

Con’s of Cell Phone

One con of cell phones are the fact that they aren’t cheap at all and everyone wants to be “trendy” when certain phones can cost like $700 dollars and if there on a contract it could be like $45 dollars a month. Another thing is in many schools have a problem with them during test because they are a big problem cheating.  Sexting is also a problem because so many young people are being exposed because they send pictures through something that isn’t trustble enough to do it through. Texting and driving is also another dangerous thing cell phones can cause because they have caused many accidents.


The Knockout Game

The Knockout Game

In recent times, a sort of “game” has been passed around young people all over the place. The objective is simple. Find a random person, hit them as hard as you can, and if they get knocked out you win. Sounds great, right? Exactly. This little “game” has become a growing problem over the past couple of years as many teens find it to be a suitable pastime. There have been hundreds, even thousands of reports of random assaults on unsuspecting victims. They weren’t assaulted as part of a robbery; they weren’t trying to do anything else except see if they could knock them out. Some of the first reports of these types of attacks came around the early 1990s when a Norwegian exchange student at MIT was brutally attacked by three teenagers in what they described as a “knockout game.” Some other such incidents include an instant where a 78-year-old grandmother was out minding her own business when she was struck out of seemingly nowhere, and even a 12-year-old boy on his way to school. Some incidents have even proven fatal to the victims. Many people also have reason to believe that some of these attacks are hate crimes, and many of them are centered on minority groups. There were even some studies and reports on this game and its correlation to racism and antireligious peoples. One such report is by Rev. Al Sharpton titled, “Knockout Games — The Biggest Form of Cowardice.” In this report, he says that “no one — black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American, male, female, the elderly, children, gay, straight or anyone else — should ever fear walking down the street.” This is a very true statement. It’s also quite terrible because a vast majority of those taking part in these attacks are teens still in high school or even younger. They are pressured into doing it; similar to how one may be pressured into drinking or smoking. Many of the occurrences have resulted in arrests for varying charges from felony assault to murder. People need to know more about this horrific “game” so that they can be more prepared for if this may happen to them, and also to help put a stop to it.


What is music?

Music can be seen in many different ways. Some hold its definition to a stricter standard than others, while some use music extremely loosely. As far as I am concerned, music could be any type of sound that you hear. If you think that its music, most likely it is. People tend to think that music has to hold up to a certain definition such has having a rhythm, melodies, harmonies, and all sorts of other things. But if you really think about it, the way we see music today would be nothing if it didn’t start somewhere. A lot of people point to the origins of music as being from a descendant of Cain, named Jubal. The Bible indicates, however, that the first man knew and practiced music, albeit, the origins of music came even before Adam and Eve. Think of the singing and shouts of angels that happened before Earth. This, from the Bible, is all pointing to what seems that music has basically always existed and just is. Taking another standpoint, say one unrelated to the Bible, what about music before humans existed? The bellowing of dinosaurs, the loud squawks of pterodactyls, or the screams of early primates all could be included on the search for where music originated. As mentioned earlier, a lot of people believe that most any sound can be considered music, so why not these sounds? Even before then, before Earth, at the creation of the universe. Surely they didn’t call it the “Bing Bang” for nothing. Surely that made some sort of sound, despite there being nobody there to hear it and appreciate its sound as music. Away from all these random sounds though, if you really want to be strict about what elements define music, such as tones, rhythm, syncopation and all that, then let’s go forward in time. A lot forward. The first known piece of music was found in an ancient document of the Syrian peoples. It is dated to be as old as 3400 years old. Scientists and musicians have worked together to restore the document and record what it may have sounded like using recreations of ancient instruments. This is a recreation of the song:

While this certainly isn’t the first music ever, it is only the oldest known composition. It includes all of the common elements one may think about when thinking of music, rhythm, melodies, harmonies, all of that. So perhaps, it was the ancient Syrians that created melodic music. Surely before that, however, prehistoric aboriginal people banged on tree stump drums and danced around a fire or something. On the far other side of things though, some people go the extra mile with how loosely they use the term music, or maybe light-years. Since the late 1800s, people have been using electronic devices to create sounds to use in compositions. Even making noise machines which they would use to create what they thought of as being true creations of music art, similar to any other art that evolves over time and has an experimental side. A good example of early experimental compositions is that of Luigi Russolo, a futurist artist of the early 1900s and is considered the first noise artist. His 1913 manifesto, “L’Arte dei Rumori” which translates to English as, “The Art of Noises,” made a statement that the industrial revolution gave man new ideas and a greater capacity to appreciate more complex and out-of-the-norm sounds. Here is an example of his works:

He found most music of his time to be too confining and that noise music would be the sound of the future. Another great advent of the early 1900s was the invention of the first electronic instrument, the Theremin, invented by Russian inventor, Léon Theremin. This instrument worked by using two metal antennas to sense the relative position of the user’s hands which controlled the frequency oscillators with one hand, the volume amplitude with the other. Many neo-classical pieces were even written specifically for the Theremin. Coming forward a few decades to the 1950s brings along the creation of the synthesizer. The RCA Mark II Sound Synthesizer was one of the first music synthesizers. It featured fully-automated binary sequencers which used paper tape readers to send the notes to the machine to play.  The device was similar to player piano. After that came the first commercially available synthesizer invented by Robert Moog. With his new modular synthesizers being available to anyone who could afford one, many people started creating experimental compositions with this, and even remade classical music on it. Artists like Laurie Spiegel and Tangerine Dream were among the first to take these kinds of synthesizers and use them to create ambient, droning, experimental pieces. Since then, many others have used synthesizers in various ways. In the late 60s and early 70s, synthesizers became more popular in music. Lots of pop icons and rock bands began using them in their songs. Everyone from Led Zeppelin to Stevie Wonder began using different types of synthesizers, mostly those such as the Moog synthesizers, to make the sounds of the future. Another group that used experimental synthesizers and sounds in the 70s was a German group called Kraftwerk. With their innovating sound design and use of synthesizers, they paved the way for how electronic music sounds today. Everything got pretty crazy in the 80s, however. In 1982, Roland released their TB-303 bass line synthesizer. It was introduced to be used as a substitute for bands who couldn’t afford or didn’t have the need for a bass player. Although it was supposed to be used for this, most bands found it difficult to program and its 90 page manual certainly didn’t help. Though it was used some in the 80s in pop music, a small group of people took and used it in a much different way. They transposed the bass line up an octave or so and added distortion to it, as well as modulating the cutoff and resonance knobs thereby making over-the-top, screeching synth lines to use in what came to be known as Acid House. Would you consider this to be music?

Later, in the 1990s, came about much more innovative and experimental sounds. With the advent of an affordable home computer, many more people were able to experiment and play around with digital music equipment in their own home. People began making all kinds of new sounds. People were sampling old songs, using digital drum samples, using digital effects on sounds, and doing anything they could to be different. One thing people started doing was taking some of the basics of house music and acid house music, the four-on-the-floor beat pattern and use of the TB-303 synth and speeding it up to a faster tempo; anywhere from 180 to 300 BPM. They would distort the kick drum creating an aggressive and energetic sound known as gabber. It was made to be loud, in your face, and aggressive. It certainly is that. People of course still make this style of music, and it has even evolved quite a bit since the 90s. If you think that is oddest of it all, it gets even weirder. More recently, people have been creating rhythms out of nothing but noise loops, distorted and heavily effected instruments, and other such things.. People have been doing similar things since the 50s where people would splice together bits of tape to form a composition. Here is a more modern example:

While some people wouldn’t listen to this at all, and even would call it music. However, there are people that really do like this type of stuff. They think of it as a true form of art and they enjoy it. Basically, to sum this entire little blog up, in my opinion, any sound can be music, even the most avant-garde things. I guess you can say I’m just extremely open minded. Maybe I’ve changed your view as well.

Retro Kids Music News

Hey Retro Kids, here’s another informational blog about the most up to date songs and artists. First we are going to kick it off talking about one of the sweetest voices ever heard collaborating with Iggy Azalea. Yes, I am talking about the one and only Ariana Grande. She just yesterday performed her new song on the RDMA’S (Radio Disney Music Awards). The new song is entitled Problem. Of course this is one of the most original collaborations to come out in a few years. Like always it turns out to be a hit. I’m sure of it. I basically have been listening to it since the day it came out which is today. The song basically explains how much you can love someone, but you realize that you don’t need them, and that it’s a weight let off your shoulder, but like I said though it is a total repeat. In other music news they be all night love. Jay-Z and Beyoncé are now going on tour together. They are labeling it On the Run from one of their collaboration songs. Tickets are now on sale. Next, I know ladies you’ll remember that girl who told you to drop it low with Chris Brown, well she has come out with a new single. That’s right it’s Ester Dean. It has actually been a while since she has released anything. The last time anyone saw her do something on the 2012 movie Pitch Perfect. The new song will be named Get My Dough. The song obviously speaks for itself. To me Ester Dean is a great artist who should come out with more music. Okay nest up is Jennifer Hudson. Yes, one of those strong, beautiful voices of all time. She has a new single released with Timbaland entitled Walk It Out. This brought out one of her most seductive sides ever. A new sound for her though. Now me I am open to any artists coming out of their comfort zone. If you think about it though they could be that way before they let out that new side. Have you ever thought just maybe that is your first time seeing them like that? I always think that, but anyways next topic. August Alsina was recently on 106 & Park on BET. Well as you probably know or may not there is alleged beef with Trey Songz. This little bit of alleged gossip has been brewing in the pot for a while now. It went out that at first they were like brothers. Nobody really knows how it started. That is why I keep saying alleged. August recently on 106 & Park I say again. He had specific instructions not to bring this up. Probably if not about 20 seconds into the interview one of the hosts brought it up. I cannot put up exactly what he said because it’s not appropriate for a school project. Many people think that he’s wrong, but I see it as right. I mean come on he asked them specifically not to bring it up. Anyways that’s all for now Retro Kids! I’M OUT!!!!

Suicide! Easy? NO!

Not everyone is perfect. Almost everyone has been thru some type of abuse and if they say no well there lucky people. There are so many types of abuse and most of them lead to suicide. There are all kinds of Suicide I know you’re thinking what’s the difference they all end up in death. Well I just want to inform you so read on if you want stop if you please I don’t really care.

The first is Egoistic Suicide that’s simply (It’s really nothing simple about it) when someone becomes detached from society and is overwhelmed by stress. An example would be when someone thinks there is no reason to live. These feeling can be triggered when people stop being productive in work (Ex: Retirement, loss of family members or friends). Elderly people are most susceptible to this type of suicide.

The Next is Anomic Suicide is when you suffer a dislocation from society based on your values no longer being true. People feel like since nothing is going the way they were “taught” there is no reason to live. Examples are sexually abused people, or children whose parent are alcoholics. This type is very common in teenagers.

The last is Altruistic Suicide it’s when you feel  a strong connection to society like you’ll be doing society a favor by killing yourself. Some do it for the sake of religious or political cause, one example is the hijackers of the airplanes on 9/11/01. These people think that their death WILL make things better.

Suicide is not a funny thing its not easy and the people doing are hurting. People say that it’s the easy way out NO it’s not easy at all. Suicide take nearly 30,000 American lives every year, 15% of clinically depressed people die of suicide. I don’t think people take this seriously, but they need to because it’s a serious thing. And it absolutely nothing to be played with

Here are some interviews I did with anonymous teen on if they have ever thought about suicide

Interveiw #1

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Have you ever thought about suicide? : Yes

If yes why? Bullying…people used to make me feel like trash!

Interveiw #2

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Have you ever thought about suicide? : Yes

If yes why? I felt like crap and that the whole world was against me

Interveiw #3

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Have you ever thought about suicide? : yes

If yes why? because i hate people

Interveiw #2

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Have you ever thought about suicide? : Yes

If yes why? Bullying and Mental issues


Music Producers

Do you listen to a good deal of music? I bet you do. Many people listen to lots of songs every day. One thing they probably do not do, however, is stop and think about the music they are listening to. Whether it’s the best new Rap song, or the hottest new Pop song, someone sat down and produced it. They made the beat, the melody, the chords, and likely everything but the singing. Even then, the vocals go through lots of processing just to make it sound nice and crisp. As far as the technicalities of it go, one could produce a song using any number of softwares or programs, or even on hardware. There’s tons of software on the internet that people use. There are programs like FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase, and others that allow users to make and master their own music (with the use of add-ons and the sort). There are also programs that are used specifically for editing the mixdown audio to master it. Those programs range from Audacity, a free software, to Adobe Audition, which costs roughly $350[1]. Of course it doesn’t really matter which you use, so long as you know what you are doing and have the right tools to do it. As long as it comes out sounding good, it doesn’t matter. Now, I know what you are thinking, “But what about the jazz music and the country music and all of the other strictly acoustic music?!” Well, believe it or not, even if the song is all acoustic instruments, it is still processed through computer software. Now, obviously, before the advent of the modern computer everything was produced acoustically using hardware, but now just about any song you hear goes through some kind of computer processing just to make sure it sounds its best. Now, really, there are really two kinds of producers. There are the producers that make the music, and then there are those who master the music. The music makers are the guys who write the song. They make the beats, create all of the instrumentals, and all of the more musical aspects of the production. Then, there the mastering engineers. These guys make sure that the song is at its absolute best quality and makes sure there are absolutely no imperfections about the song. Usually, these are the people you see behind the giant table with loads of buttons and levers and knobs. Sometimes, the two are one. There are producers who have not only the skill of writing the music, but mastering it too. A lot of electronic music producers such as Deadmau5 or even Skrillex have mastered their mastering techniques. And really, that’s a plus for them. At least now they don’t have to hire a possibly expensive mastering engineer to do it for them. All I can say is it takes a lot of talent, and a lot of skill to do either one of these jobs. And hats off to those who can do both. That’s just great. I personally am only able to simply make the music, and am really unable to make a flawless mastered version, however I am still learning. There are plenty of videos online that teach about this sort of thing, although, I’ve probably watched all of them… and then some.



[1] Durin. “Adobe Audition CS6.” Adobe Audition. Adobe, 9 May 2012. Web. 10 Apr. 2014. <;.

Is Bacon good for your health or not?

Some people say that bacon is really bad for you because it is fatty and can cause heart disease. But I am here to prove that idea wrong. I did some research and I found out that bacon can actually be a great help to your health. Here are some facts that back up this idea. First off, Bacon has a protein that is extremely valuable to keeping your energy and a body that is fully functional. Second, Bacon has been known to lower a person’s blood pressure, and it brings a person’s sugar levels down as well. Helping to prevent and/or lower a person’s chance of the effects of diabetes as well as stroke and heart attack. Here’s a fact for you. People have said that bacon is full with harmful fat. BUT bacon helps to satisfy our appetite with high protein/low carb energy, helping the body lose weight and raising a person’s metabolism and build leaner and stronger muscles. Bacon has less total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol than most of the popular beef and chicken now. Some fish has less fat and cholesterol but bacon has more protein power and doesn’t have toxins like mercury. Also Bacon has a VERY important nutrient called “choline”. Choline helps to increase intelligence and memory. University studies show that bacon has been known to help fight off the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and other mental illnesses.  Bacon provides us with a lot of amounts of very important and necessary vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to function healthfully. From eating bacon we receive 65% of our recommended daily intake of Thiamine, 47% of Niacin (Vitamin B3), 38 % of Vitamin B12. 36% of our Zinc, 24% of our Vitamin B6, 22% of Vitamin B2, 22% of our Phosphorus, 10% of our Pantothenate, 10% of our Magnesium, 9% of iron and the Protein to fat balance in bacon is 4 to 1. Bacon has also been known as the “Mood Elevator”. It makes you feel happy, satisfied, blissful, which greatly reduces stress in our lives and effectively relieves the negative effects of frustration, self-deprivation and sense of lack in one’s existence. People over the years have made jokes about bacon being the number one cause of heart disease, but actually there have been several studies that show that Omega-3 Fatty acids and “choline” found in bacon can actually protect the heart from developing serious problems. It has actually helped to heal anomalies after they have occurred. Unlike the Omega-3 fatty acids supplements from fish sources, the ones that come from bacon aren’t filled with poisonous mercury, like most of the popular fish oil versions are. So the Omega-3 in bacon can help prevent heart disease, lower your cholesterol, reduce inflammation and improve circulation in your heart. So over all Bacon is better for your health.